Our Mission

To create positive change in the face of ecological concerns like global warming, water usage, and soil health. With every pack of seeds, we aim to touch hearts, inspire minds, and positively contribute to your and our planet’s well-being. Thank you for choosing Organo Republic and joining us to build a cleaner, and greener future together!
Non-GMO At Organo Republic, eco-responsibility is paramount. We carefully research our suppliers to verify that all the seeds we offer are non-GMO, non-hybrid, and true heirloom varieties.
We meticulously test the germination rates of our seeds to ensure that a high proportion of the seeds you plant will successfully sprout and grow, producing a bountiful garden. High Germination Rate
Fresh Seeds Freshness is a key when selecting high-quality seeds, and we offer only the freshest. Any seeds that you don’t use this year can be stored and remain viable for future growing seasons.
We’re “home grown!” Organo Republic is proudly based in the United States. In addition, we are sourcing our seeds exclusively from U.S. growers and suppliers. Made in USA
Resealable Pack Our sustainable seed packs are resealable and provide optimal storage conditions, ensuring that your seeds are protected from sunlight, moisture and pests.
Thousands of gardeners vouch for quality and performance of our seeds. We can’t wait for you to grow the garden of your dream from them, too! Community Trusted