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4 Watermelon Companion Plants

4 Watermelon Companion Plants
Watermelon grows on long, low vines which compete with other plants for sunlight and nutrients. Therefore, it is vital to increase nearby plants that will only help without overcrowding the space and which will not cross-pollinate:
1. Flowers with an attractive smell attract bees and help them produce fruit, while marigolds, lavender, and borage repel aphids that are dangerous to the leaves and tendrils of watermelon.
2. Herbs. Fragrant mint, catnip, tansy, and basil are excellent insect repellents. You should plant herbs in pots or in the beds around the watermelon garden.
3. Radishes. A good option is to properly use the space around young watermelon seedlings that have not yet developed vines. Radishes are shallow-rooted, easy to harvest, and most importantly, they clear the area of weeds while the watermelons take root.
4. Alliums. Garlic, onions, chives, and leeks defense against fungal pests, so they are highly beneficial to watermelons.
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