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Growing Alfalfa Sprouts

Growing Alfalfa Sprouts - Organo Republic

To grow alfalfa sprouts, follow our recommendations and enjoy your harvest:
Pour a tablespoon of seeds with water into a jar, close it with a lid and leave it in a warm, dark place. Rinse the seeds the following day and drain the water from the pot through a sprouting lid or cheesecloth. Next, rinse the seeds in the gauze with lukewarm water by swirling them in the water. Add a little more water to cover the seeds and leave the jar in a dark place again. Repeat washing twice a day for four days.
Then put the jar in a bright place, rinse the growing alfalfa sprouts and place them in a water bowl at the end of the fourth day. Peel the seeds from the seed coat that floats up and strain it through a colander, removing as much water as possible. Store in a plastic bаg for a week in the refrigerator.
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