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Moss Pole

Moss Pole - Organo Republic
Moss poles are a great way to provide support and encourage the growth of climbing plants. Our moss pole features a unique watering system, designed with a pending patent. This innovative design ensures efficient and thorough moisture distribution to your plant, promoting its healthy growth.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install the innovative self-watering moss pole from Organo Republic:
1. Start by putting the stabilizer on the wood stake. This will help keep the moss pole stable.
2. Insert the wood stake into the soil, positioning it close to the plant's stem. Ensure that the stake is firmly planted in the ground to provide adequate support.
3. Close the opening on top of the moss pole with the provided special plug to prevent soil and water from falling inside the moss pole.
4. Place the funnel over the closed opening. This funnel will help you water the moss pole efficiently.
5. Moss poles can be used individually or assembled together to achieve the desired height for your climbing plant.
6. Use the included ties or plant clips to secure the plant's vines or stems to the moss pole. This will encourage the plant to grow vertically and attach itself to the pole for support.
7. Pour water into the funnel on top of the moss pole. Allow the water to slowly drain down through the pole and reach the roots of the plant.
8. Repeat this process several times until you are certain that the moss pole is completely wet.
Ensure that the moss pole remains consistently moist to provide a suitable environment for your climbing plant to thrive.
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