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Lima Bean

Lima Bean - Organo Republic

Lima beans are ideal for growing in warm climates with lots of suns. The variety ripens 60 days after planting. Therefore, it is advisable to harvest immediately to remain tender. The beans originate in Central America, prized for their oily texture and delicate flavor. In addition, Lima beans are great for canning and freezing.


Hоw to grоw Lima Bean from seeds:

Sowing: Lima beans are thermophilic, so plant them after the last frost at 70 degrees F. Treat and compost the soil before planting. Provide a sunny spot for planting lima beans, approximately 5 "eye-down and 1" deep in rows 24" to 36 ". Germination can be slow.
Growing of Lima Bean: Thin to 8" apart, but not replant. Do not overfill to keep the plant from rotting. Remove weeds promptly so that the beans can bloom without worry.
How and When to Harvest Lima Bean: Expect the first harvest about 70 days after germination. Harvest when the pod begins to fill and is firm. Remember that the smaller the beans, the softer the taste. Timely harvest increases the yield, which signals the plant to bear more beans.
Lima Bean's Seed Saving: The lima bean variety is characterized by cross-pollination. To maintain genetic purity, isolate the plants you collect for seeds from these other varieties for at least half a mile. Allow the pods to dry thorоughly on the vine until light brown. Separate the seeds from the pods and store the lima shrub seeds in a cool, dry place for a year.


Latin Name: Phaseolus lunatus
Type: Open Pollinated, Heirloom, Warm Season
USDА Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Seeds per Ounce: 60
Planting Method: Direct Sow
Sunlight: Full Sun
Height: 24 Inches
Color: Green


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