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Medicinal Benefits Of Tarragon

Tarragon can also be used in medicinal quantities to support your health for a variety of ailments and health problems.

Tarragon can be steeped in water to make a tea, as an infused oil, as an essential oil or chewed fresh.

Here are a few of the medicinal uses for tarragon:

Tarragon can be used to reduce mouth/tooth pain. Due to the presence of eugenol, tarragon has a pain relieving or numbing effect. You can drink tea or simply chew the leaves to help with mouth pain.

Drinking tarragon tea before bed can help with insomnia. Because of its calming affect tarragon can also help to relieve anxiety.

Tarragon essential oil can help fight bad breath, as well as reduce body odor and microbes on the skin. If you make your own deodorant- add a couple drops of essential oil to get these benefits.

Tarragon has been traditionally used at an appetite stimulant for those with poor appetite or even help those with symptoms of anorexia.

Tarragon can be uses to maintain the health of the female reproductive tract, and can be used for those who have suppressed menstruation. It should not, however, be used if you are pregnant or nursing.

Recent studies have shown that tarragon can help promote muscle growth by aiding in creatine absorption.

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