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Prizehead Lettuce

Prizehead Lettuce - Organo Republic

Sweet and crunchy, delicious and healthy, lettuce is easy to grow in your garden. Beautiful purple-bronze fringes over green leaves look very bright and tasty. The lettuce matures in 45 days and is best suited for making salads.
The history of wild lettuce takes us to Asia Minor, where it was first served at the table. Then, thanks to the writings of Herodotus, we know that lettuce was present on the plains of Persian kings in the 6th century. Then, with the development of shipbuilding and communication, it began to appear more and more often in Europe and became a viral culture. Nowadays, it is one of the unique sources of vitamins, freshness, and brightness, which both adults and children love.


How to Grow Prizehead Lettuce from seeds:

Sowing: Before planting, you should select a site in full sun and work in rich soil. Sow Prizehead lettuce seeds directly when the soil temperature reaches at least 35 degrees F; it grows well in cool weather. When the soil temperature exceeds 75 degrees F, the seeds go dormant. Spread the seeds as thinly as possible in rows 1-2' apart. Thin out young seedlings to a distance of 6-8". You can plant a new crop every 2 weeks for an all-season fresh lettuce crop. Good companion plants for Prizehead lettuce include onions, cucumbers, and carrots.
Growing of Prizehead Lettuce: Due to its shallow root system, lettuce needs moist soil to remain tender and sweet. Therefore, regularly water the crop, but do not overfill. Mulching is аn excellent way to retain moisture and control weeds.
How and When to Harvest Prizehead Lettuce: Lettuce should be harvested in the morning like many other plants.
This way, it retains its crunchy sweetness and freshness. To do this, cut the entire plant above the soil surface or collect individual leaves. Once harvested, the lettuce can produce up to two more harvests if the weather remains moderate and the plant's main stem does not begin to grow. Enjoy this delicious and crunchy lettuce fresh, or store it in the refrigerator for up to a week.
To collect microgreens, cut the entire plant above the soil surface when the stems are 2-3" high.
Prizehead Lettuce's Seed Saving: The lettuce wilts or puts up a flowering stem with seed pods as the summer days get longer. To preserve the seeds of the best plants, collect seeds from plants that are slow to bear fruit. The lettuce can self-seed when the seedpods turn light brown and open. It would be best to shake the stem head into the bag every day to save the seeds. Alternatively, you can cut the entire plant when most pods are ready to harvest and hang it upside dоwn to dry in a sheltered area. Then shake the Prizehead leaf lettuce seeds out of the pods and separate them from the white "feathers" by rubbing the seeds on a fine-mesh sieve. Store lettuce seeds in a cool, drу place for 2-3 years.



Latin Name: Lactuca sativa
Type: Open Pollinated, Heirloom, Cool Season
USDA Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Seeds per Ounce: 20,000
Planting Method: Direct Sow
Sunlight: Full Sun
Height: 10 Inches
Color: Red, Green


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