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Cabbage Golden Acre

Cabbage Golden Acre - Organo Republic


Heads of Golden Acre cabbage are hard, dense, round, sweet. It is a fast-growing cabbage variety, reaching 3-4 pounds. It ripens in 65 days and is resistant to yellowing. The complete absence of coarse veins and leaves makes it a versatile and indispensable product in the kitchen, fresh or cooked.
Cabbage is the oldest cultivated vegetable, with a history dating back to 4000 BC in China. The Romans praised cabbage for its medicinal properties. The first cabbage appeared in America in 1536, thanks to Jacques Cartier. Cabbage was quite popular in colonial America and was pickled and canned in every possible way to provide food for the winter.

How to grow Golden Acre Cabbage from seeds:

  • Sowing: Plant Golden Acre cabbage seeds in rich soil 8-12 weeks before the last spring frost, 1/2 'deep and 2' apart. For the first cabbage crop to ripen before the summer heat, plant the seedlings about 4 weeks before the last expected frost. Set them 12-18 'apart in rows 3-4' apart. For fall planting, plant directly or transplant in mid-summer. For the benefits of planting these Golden Acre cabbage seeds, plant next to aromatic herbs or potatoes. Avoid planting them with tomatoes or beans. Thyme, peppermint, sage, and rosemary repel white cabbage moths.
    • Plant Spacing: 12-18″.
  • How and When to Growing Golden Acre Cabbage: Cover the young plants if hard frosts come. Cover the plants when it gets freezing. A layer of mulch will hеlp regulate soil temperature and maintain moisture. It will also prevent the stratification of the cabbage. Golden Acre cabbages resist yellowing quite well.
  • Golden Acre Cabbage Soil Requirements for: Keep the soil evenly moist, If possible keep soil temperature over 75°F (24°C) until germination, then reduce air temperature to about 60°F (16°C).
  • Golden Acre Cabbage Seeds Days to Germination: 12-14 days.
  • Light Preference of Golden Acre Cabbage: Full Sun.
  • Life Cycle of Golden Acre Cabbage: Annual.
  • Harvest Golden Acre Cabbage: Harvest the heads as soon as they are firm and of a good size. Small heads of cabbage are more tender; larger heads of cabbage, grown in autumn, keep well in winter.
  • Golden Acre Cabbage Days to Maturity: 60-75 days.
  • Golden Acre Cabbage's Seed Saving: In late fall, mulch at least six different cabbage plants to ensure genetic diversity. In cold climates, it is necessary to dig up the entire plant, place the roots in wet sand at 40 degrees F. Transplant 4-6 weeks before the last spring frost. If the heads are still hard, make a deep cross at the top to make it easier for the rod to come out. The stem will grow about 4-5 'tall, with many yellow flowers with four petals. When the flowers are ripe, and pods have formed, pluck them and let them dry. Remove them from the pods and store thеm in a cool, dry place for up to five years.


  • Common Names: Cabbage
  • Latin Name: Brassica oleracea
  • Species Origin: Western Europe
  • Type: Open Pollinated, Cool Season
  • Life Cycle: Annual
  • USDA Zones:  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Seeds per Ounce: 7,000
  • Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Height: 12 Inches
  • Color: Green
  • Uses: Culinary


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