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It can be grown as a microgreen, baby green, or adult salad. Corn salad is a very hardy crop that grows well and quickly, even in cool weather; this is very soft and tender greens. Its leaves, with a mild nutty flavor, perfectly complement salads and side dishes. Sow these Dutch Corn Lettuce seeds every two weeks to ensure a stable harvest. It can be mulched with straw so that it can overwinter in colder regions.
Dutch corn salad, commonly known as lamb salad, dates back to Stone Age lake dwellings in Switzerland. In England and France in the 17th century, corn salad was highly prized, as it could develop well in subzero temperatures, unlike the rest. Records were known in France as "mache" indicate that the gardeners of Louis XIV grew it in their private gardens. These tender, nutty spring salad greens first became popular in America in the 1970s when a California Valley grower began producing them; it became pretty popular in salad mixes in the following years.

How to grow Corn Salad from seeds:

  • Sowing: Corn Salad seeds grow best in cool weather, so sowing in spring or fall is more successful. Planting in late August or September produces both autumn and spring growth. Sow directly in full sun and rich soil 1/2 "and 1" in rows of 8-10". Germination occurs within 10-14 days, at temperatures up to 70 degrees F. Plant a new crop every 2 weeks for a consistent harvest. In climates with winters above 5 degrees Fahrenheit, corn salad seeds will produce greens throughout the winter; in colder climates, they can be grown with cold cages or mulch.
  • Plant Spacing: 2-3″.
  • Growing of Corn Salad: Corn Salad does well with consistently moist soil and organic matter such as compost. The soil should not dry out but also avoid overwatering as this can cause splitting.
  • Corn Salad Soil Requirements for: Keep the soil evenly moist and below 70 degrees F.
  • Corn Salad Seeds Days to Germination: 10-14 days.
  • Light Preference of Corn Salad: Full Sun.
  • Life Cycle of Corn Salad: Annual.
  • How and When to Harvest Corn Salad: The first leaves mature in 10-12 weeks and have the best taste and tenderness. Collect them as needed, or cut off any growth at the soil level when the plant has sprouted. For new growth, leave at least 2.5 cm″ of the stem above the soil. The sаlad can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.
  • Corn Salad Days to Maturity: up to 84 days.
  • Corn Salad's Seed Saving: When the pods begin to ripen to a light brown color, cut them off and dry in a sheltered place away from direct sunlight. When the pods are completely dry, shake out the seeds. Store your corn salad seeds in a cool, dry place.


  • Common Names: Cornsalad, Lamb's Lettuce, Nut Lettuce, Field Salad, Rapunzel, Mache, Doucette
  • Latin Nаme: Valerianella olitoria
  • Species Origin: Southern Europe
  • Type: Open Pollinated, Heirloom, Cool Season
  • Life Cycle: Annual
  • USDА Zones: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • Seeds per Ounce: 15,600
  • Sunlight: Full Sun
  • Height: 16 Inches
  • Color: Red
  • Uses: Culinary


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